Terms & Conditions

FUNSLOT Social Casino is honored to welcome new customers. FUNSLOT Social Casino provides regulation services that are subject to the Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policy. Generally, as a rule, consumers expressly consent to these contracts by using the Services. You will not get any notification of any updates to the Terms & Conditions in advance, so you must check to see if any changes have been made.

  1. The Use of Service

In order to use the services of FUNSLOT Social Casino, users will be asked to fulfill in the relevant personal details so that we can finish registration and make the Services enable to them:

  • Contact details;
  • An up to date ID;
  • More pertinent details.

It is the responsibility of all customers to keep their registration and sign up for information privately and to prevent it from anyone else who can access or use it. If a user does not obey the privacy rule, FUNSLOT Social Casino will not be responsible for any type of user mislay or harm. FUNSLOT Social Casino keeps the right to deny the Service, cancel or freeze the account for anyone at any time without notice of any reason.

FUNSLOT Social Casino allows using its Services and Games only for entertainment purposes, for those who have already completed their 18th year of age. Any misleading intent outlined by a user would result in the loss of the user's access to the FUNSLOT Social Casino services.

  1. The Convenient Manners

All users of FUNSLOT Social Casino hereby accept and express that they are responsible for their contracts while using the platform or its application, and that they do not participate in illegal or indecent conduct against the Terms & Conditions..

Users accept that they will not:

  • protest or promote any irregular, indelicate or not legal material;
  • submit a disclosure of any trade secret;
  • describe content for adults, insulated products for pharmaceuticals;
  • failure to comply with the rules on the privacy rights and publicity of the users;
  • produce automated user accounts or contribute fraudulently;
  • try to make changes to the Terms & Conditions or the Services;
  • keep users from accessing about FUNSLOT Social Casino or any appropriate policies or guidelines;
  • confine or prevent the use of the Service to other users;
  • try to conceal, disguise or extract any special FUNSLOT Social Casino tag from any kind of Service / Product;
  • manipulate of the FUNSLOT Social Casino website or its application with the help of any kind of artificial intelligence or robot technology;
  • damage to the platform by using different kinds of viruses or equivalents;
  • place advertisements about unlawful pages or actions;
  1. Rights of Property

FUNSLOT Social Casino Rights are below-mentioned:

  • As the intellectual property of the FUNSLOT Casino, confidential information and proprietary provided by the Services is protected by law;
  • In accordance with the User Agreement, all advertisers or their data provided by the FUNSLOT Social Casino Platform are secured by patent, a specific trademark, or equivalent;
  • Except in the case of an agreement with the FUNSLOT Social Casino, users refuse to amend, offload or spread any of the FUNSLOT Social Casino services or parts thereof.

User rights are below-mentioned:

  • No ownership or management is convenient to FUNSLOT Social Casino for substances shared by users;
  • Shared content on the FUNSLOT Social Casino platform (both on a desktop version or on a mobile application) is available to the public and will be allowed for as long as the contents are removed.
  1. No Reproduction of Service

The FUNSLOT Social Casino certainly disallows the reproduction of the FUNSLOT Social Casino services, contents or any other intellectual property thereof according to the regularization of these Terms & Conditions, in compliance with the user consents.

  1. Continuation of service and updates

FUNSLOT Social Casino shall retain a permanent or temporary cessation and periodic modification of decisions on the right to services. The casino may not alert users or members about such modifications to the services, so please read the Terms & Conditions on a regular basis.

  1. Links

Links to other web pages may be provided on the FUNSLOT Social Casino page or its application, which are used by users on different websites. Links directed to sites are not subject to the FUNSLOT Social Casino Terms & ConditionsRegulations, otherwise, FUNSLOT Social Casino can not be held responsible for the contexts, products or any kind of advertisement contained therein. Indirect or direct damages caused by any designated site shall be without the control or responsibility of the FUNSLOT Social Casino Platform.

  1. Indemnity

Pursuant to the user's agreement that their access to the FUNSLOT Social Casino services will not be contrary to any guilty laws or rights of any third party, in particular, breaches such as misdemeanor or abuse of any copyright, patent, trade secret, trademark, picture, music or other proprietary or property right, inaccurate ads, libel, prejudicial competition, invasion of secureness or entitlements of importance, regularization or violation of any anti-discrimination law, or any other entitlement of any individual or entity. Users assure that they will recompense FUNSLOT Social Casino and that they will protect it from any loss and liability, damages, harms, including reasonable legal fees and expenses that may be incurred by FUNSLOT Social Casino, arising out of or relating to your infringement of any of the aforementioned submissions and warranties.

  1. GDPR

The processing of personal data is generally prohibited unless expressly prohibited by law or the data subject has agreed to the processing. While consent is one of the most well-known legal foundations for the processing of personal information, it is only one of the six units listed in the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Others are: contracts, legal responsibilities, vital interests of the data subject, public's interest and legitimate interest as described in Article 6(1) of the GDPR. The basis demands for the effectiveness of valid legal agreement are stated in Article 7 and determined further in recital 32 of the GDPR. Approval must be given freely, specific, informed and unequivocal. In order to obtain freely given consent, it must be given on a voluntary ground. The "free" element implies a real choice of the data subject. Any aspect of irrelevant pressure or control that might affect the outcome of that choice makes the approval invalid. By doing so, the legislative text takes a certain disparity between the controller and the data subject into consideration. For example, in an employer-employee relationship: the employee may be worried that his decline to consent may have significant negative effects on his employment relationship, so approval can only be a legitimate basis for processing in a few exceptional circumstances. Further more, the so-called "coupling prohibition" or "prohibition of tying or coupling" shall apply. Hence, the performance of the contract may not be made dependent theme to consent to the processing of additional personal data which is unrelated to the performance of the consent.

  1. General Information

Terms & Conditions are agreed between the FUNSLOT Social Casino (Service Provider) and the Service Users.

These services are executed and provided by Fun Slot.

Any concerns relating to our Terms & Conditions may be directed to the following FUNSLOT Social Casino Support Line:

[email protected]